Travelife Gold & TUI Environment ChamPION


Travelife Gold & TUI Environmental Champion The Canarian Seaside Hotels have received recognition for their high levels of commitment to all aspects of sustainability in the categories of “Travelife Gold Awards” and “Tui Environmental Champion”. The owners of Seaside Hotels together with their Management and staff are constantly implementing new initiatives to ensure the reduction of their carbon footprint. With this goal in mind, continual reinvestment is made to maintain and improve their properties, in the firm belief that the success of a tourist destination depends on its continual development, the creation of employment and utilization of local produce and industry.




Travelife Gold Award
Travelife is the international sustainability certification scheme managed by ABTA Travel Association in the UK and covers areas such as: reducing waste and use of water, energy and harmful chemicals, supporting employees, human rights and the local community, in addition to protecting wildlife.Travelife for Hotels and Accommodations is the only certification system that works in partnership with tour operators, both in the UK and internationally. In 2014 new Travelife criteria was developed in line with international standards (including the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the EU Ecolabel). The Seaside Los Jameos Playa is one of the first five hotels worldwide to attain the Travelife Gold Award in accordance with the new more in-depth criteria which has been developed to keep up with the continual more demanding sustainability standards in the travel industry.

TUI Environmental Champion
TUI Environmental Champion has been awarded by the tour operator TUI Germany since 1996, to the top hotels worldwide that are committed to the protection of the environment and social responsibility; these awards represent a special recognition for those hotels that direct their philosophy to a responsible green hotel management and are actively committed to reducing their ecological footprint. In the evaluation for the Tui Environmental Championships the guests’ opinion is taken into account by means of the clients’ holiday satisfaction questionnaires in combination with achieving award level in the Travelife sustainability criteria.