Towards the end of 2012 the Spa of the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia reopened their doors following a total refurbishment; a change of style and image, now offering new and modern facilities for the enjoyment of their clients, such as the “Salt Cave”. Immerse yourself in a world of sensations which will envelope your body and relax your mind. Recuperate your inner calm, serenity and the pure essence of well being. The new Spa and Wellness centre offers a complete selection of massages, body treatments, peelings and aromatherapy programmes, in which you can combine pleasure, health and relaxation.



Grand Hotel Residencia  I  SPA Deluxe

In an elegant ambience, the contemporary and luxurious design of the Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia Spa will afford you a deep sensation of relaxation and interior calm within up-todate facilities.

In addition to an extensive selection of exclusive treatments, enjoy Oriental therapies incorporating essential oils, an ice fountain providing thermal contrast by rubbing the frosted ice on your body as desired aiding to strengthen the immune system, steam room with aromatic herbs, adventure shower and relaxation area.

Surrounded by an elegant teak wood floor, the Spa’s pool offers a unique outside area of highly mineralized salt water heated to 30 degrees, which incorporates massage jets, water beds, bubble benches, an aquatic bicycle and relaxation area, where as the night falls you can enjoy some moments of health and well being in the open air.

In the new “Salt Cave” you can experience the health benefits of the “Halotherapy”. This treatment consists of the inhalation of saline micro particles which help to improve both respiratory and dermatological ailments.

Our 7 new treatment rooms have been designed to inspire renewal at every level, the clever combination of the colours representative of Gran Canaria, yellow and blue, together with natural elements that create a fusion with nature. Both the modern and the traditional design elements accentuated by exotic aromas we offer relaxation, health and beauty treatments.

Immerse yourself in a world of sensations that will envelop you and allow you to discover how your body and mind can flow in harmony. Pamper yourself with a variety of health and beauty treatments and exquisite service, in a unique environment of unparalleled beauty.

Sauna Arena - Cold water plunge pool

Salt cave

Sauna Area - Steam sauna and ice fountain